New Music Challenge Day 7 and 8: ‘1Point II’ and ‘Zolembu’


Damn, I’ve been busy.  Yesterday I spent a good 14 hours recording a big band, which shall be talked about in another blog. Today I have been working a long shift at the day job, plus seeing an old friend who I’ve neglected for far too long.  So you join me with a packet of hob nobs and a large mug of tea, ready to attack the next two pieces for this challenge.  Unfortunately I also have some data to input into excel for my research project, so what I’m going to do is load up soundcloud, hit play, and see where it takes me. Anything that grabs me while I input data, wins.

First up, Fingers in the Noise – 1Point II (Deep Ambient Version):

I really like minimal stuff like this.  It’s perfect to listen into and notice where all the subtle changes are, or to let it wash over you.  Not much more to say about this really, I’m not really in an explanatory mood.  Needless to say though, i like it very much.  This is the kind of stuff I’d love to be able to write, but I find it nigh on impossible to keep it even remotely interesting.

Second, Kodak to Graph – Zolembu:

This is just cool.  I love the stop/start nature of the piece, broken disjointed, seemingly unlinked samples all working together to create something quirky but flowing.  Much love.

So, I’ve been doing this a week now, and what have I learned? Well I’ve learned there is a LOT of commercial quality (whatever that is) free music out there.  Is this a good thing?  Should these people be asking for money, is it devaluing music?  Well, perhaps.  But I can always donate if I want to, and if it devalues the record companies in their archaic model and stop the fatcat business men from earning off other people’s creativity, I’m inclined to like it.  I am also surprised with how much electronic stuff I am putting up here.  Perhaps it is the nature of the internet but there seems to be a hell of a lot of it out there, and not so much ‘song’ based material.  Is this because songs are more personal, or band work arguably requires more studio recording costs as it’s more difficult to create good output with more than just a computer?  Who knows.  They aren’t questions I want to answer really.  All I know is I appear to really like electronic music, possible more than I imagined!  It will also be interesting to see what I think of these choices when I come to review in 3 weeks time.  Will my mood have affected my choices, or the weather, or climate, or time of day?  I hope to do some of these in the morning or lunchtime soon to see how it affects.

Anyway, for now, over and out.  Tomorrow will bring a ‘proper’ blog entry, and more music choosings.


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